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200W Vibration Plate Crazy Fit Massage Exercise Machine Oscillating Platform Massager with Remote (White)

11,100.00 7,499.00

Air Pressure Massager for blood circulation and pain relief of Arms, Leg, Calf and Foot (Brown)

12,250.00 3,899.00

Cordless Handheld Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager with Quiet, 6 Speed High-Intensity Vibration and 4 Massage Heads, Relaxed Massager Machine For Full Body, Body Massager Machine (Random Color)

1,999.00 1,499.00

Electric Handheld Full Body Massager for Pain Relief & Manipol Massage Machine for Home with 1 Year Warranty (Royal Grey)

1,700.00 1,200.00

Electric Handheld Full Body Massager For Pain Relief with 4 Massage Heads & variable speed settings…

3,550.00 1,050.00

Electric Handheld Full Body Massager with 8 Massage Heads, 5 mode & 6 speed settings (White)

1,995.00 1,160.00

Foot Massager with Heat, Brown

16,300.00 5,899.00

Health Protection Instrument Acupressure Foot and Sole Massage Therapy for Blood Circulation Leg Pain Vericose Veins Electromagnetic TENS Wave Massager for Pain Relief Infrared Therapy for Relax Promote Metabolism Circulation Booster

8,700.00 3,950.00

Massager for Full Body Workout Vibration Plate Fitness Platform

28,500.00 16,899.00

Neck Traction Device Effective and Fast Relief Neck Pain Inflatable Neck Stretcher Collar Device.

1,299.00 215.00

Power Vibration Exercise Machine, Vibrating Plate Weight Loss Vibrator Power Body Fit Massage Device Slimming Fitness 200-300W, Handling Up to 180 kg Color

15,999.00 7,350.00

Power Vibration Plate in Big Size Exercise Massager with Running Jogging and Walking Mode with Digital Display Speed up to 120 Level – Random Color

20,500.00 7,350.00

Ultra Leg Massager for Pain Relief in Foot & Calf with Human Hands Like Pressing, Heat, Vibration & Reflexology Rollers (White-Blue)

21,500.00 11,899.00

Vibration Plate Exercise Fitness Slimming Full Body Shaper Weight Loss Machine with Running, Jogging and Walk Mode White

15,999.00 7,050.00

Vibration Plate Massager Machine for Full Body Workout at Home for Weight Loss, Fat Burn, Blood Circulation, and Pain Relief

14,000.00 6,399.00

Vibration Power Plate For Ultra Slimming Vibration Machine For Exercise Crazy Fit Vibration Massager For Running Jogging Morning Walker Machine With 99 Speed For Strength And Fat Reduce Workout Fitness Platform- Random Color

13,999.00 6,899.00