Its Good To See You In Gudnetbazaar. We Are Having Business Experience Since More Than 20 Years. But It Was on offline Basis. Now As We Are Entering Into The World Of Technology, We Had To Do Something Different. Hence We Are Here With Our Platform To Give You Best deals Over Other E-Commerce Platforms At A Never Before Price. We Have Some Terms And Conditions Which Will Be Applicable To All Our Customers, Please Read Carefully And Then Proceed. The Terms And Conditions Related To Return, Refund And Delivery Charges Are As Follows:-

Terms And Conditions Related To Return, Refund And Delivery Charges:

As Per It Rules It Is Mandatory To Have A Terms And Conditions To Any Online Website Or Business. So We Are Liable To Fulfill Our It Act. Here Are Our Terms And Conditions:

Delivery Charges:

A Delivery Charges Of A Sum Of Rupees 99-/ Will Be Applicable On All Of Our Products Of Any Catagories. If Any User Orders Multiple Item Then, In That Case, He/She Will Be Charged For Rupees 99-/ Only. This Means That An User Can Place An Order Of Multiple Items By Giving A Charge Of Rs 99/ Once. However For Grocery Or Food Items, It Will Depend On Cart Value Whereas For All Other Products Like Beauty And Heath, Cosmetics, Clothing, Mobile Accessories etc. It will Depend On Individual Product Value.

As Of Now, We Are Delivering Only In India. So Delivery Charge All over India Will Be Rs-99/.

Return Policy:

Any Customer Who Has Brought Products From Our Site i.e. Is Liable To Follow Our Replacement And Refund Policy i.e. Return Policy, Which Is Written Down Below:

Replacement Policy:

If Any Buyer, Buys Any Product From Our Site, He Needs To Do A Proper Unboxing Video, In Which The Customer Must Capture The Product Name, Price, Shipping Adress, Phone Number Mentioned In the Package, To Claim For A Replacement, And As A Proof. In Case, If He Has Received A Duplicate/Different/Damaged product(s). It Is Requested To Keep That Video Until He Gets Confirmed That He has Received The Proper Product For Which He Placed The Order.

Imported Electronic Goods Are Nor Eligible For Replacement Or Refund Policy, Neither We Can Provide Any Warranty/Guarantee For Those Items. If Any Issue Faced With Any Electronic Goods, Customer Can Notify Us Within 24Hours Of Receiving Product And We Will Take Care Of His/Her And Let Him/Her Know The Decision We Have Finalized.

In Case Of Sizing Issue( SUPPOSE USER RECEIVES A SMALL SIZE OF PRODUCT, SPECIFICALLY FOR CLOTHING) We Will Arrange A Replacement Of The Same, If Proper Claim Is Raised Within 24 Hours Of Receiving The Item.

In Case Of Replacement, The Customer Have To Sent The Defective/Damaged/Duplicate Product By Himself Via Courier. We, Will, Check The Product And Compare The Defects /Duplicasy, And Damages, With The Unboxing Video.

Please Note That A Customer Has To Inform Us Within 12Hours, Post Receiving The Package, If He Has Received Any Duplicate/Different or Damaged Products. No Claim After The Certain Period Will Be Entertained.

After The Completion Of All Verification Process Mentioned Above We Will Decide What Will Be Done With The Product, Wheather It Will Be Eligible To Replace Or Not.

If The Claim Of The Customer Is Genuine And Proper, We Will Rearrange The Shipping Of The Product He Had Troubles With.

Refund Policy:

With Proper Claim, We Will Only Provide Replacement Of Any Product Which Has Been Received In Damaged Condition Or If The Customer Is Facing Any Other Problem. No Refund Will Be Applicable In Any Case. Refund Is Not In Our Policy.


Free gift is purely used as a promotional purpose only.

We do not Endorse or cover any Guarantee / Warranty / Replacement for the free items.

Free gifts will be given irrespective of the image, colour, design or brand shown on the website.

We are not responsible for any technical faults or any other damage incurred during the shipment process.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • 1) Question: Why Gudnetbazaar Is So Strict About Its Return Policy?

Ans: As Compared To Other E-commerce Platforms, Gudnetbazaar Is Providing Products In Cheap Rate, Keep Maintaining The Quality. This Is Why, The Profit Margin Of This Business Is Very Low As Compared To Other. Hence, We Need To Be Strict In This Scenario, To Help Ourselves From Fraudsters And Keep The Business Running Without Any Risk Of Huge Loss.

  • 2) Question: What Is The Return Policy In Gudnetbazaar?

Ans: The Return Policy In Gudnetbazaar Is Set To Replacement Only. No Refund Policy Is There In Our Return Policy.

  • 3) Question: How To Replace A Defective/Damaged/Different Product(s) Bought From Gudnetbazaar?

Ans: User Needs To Do A Unboxing Video With Proper Name, Address, Mobile No, Product Name Focusing While Shooting The Video. He Has To Inform Us Within 12Hours, After Receiving The Products At His Doorstep.

  • 4) Question: Is There Any Specific Notifying Time To Claim The Replacement?

Ans: Yes, The Notifying Time Is 12 hours, Post Receiving The Product. No Claim After This Period Will Be Entertained. If The Customer Have Received Any Defective/Duplicate/Different Product, He Needs To Inform Gudnetbazaar Support Team As Soon As Possible And A Maximum Period Of 12 Hours.

  • 5) Question: What Is The Delivery Charge Applicable While Shopping From Gudnetbazzar?

Ans: The Delivery Charge Is Set To Rs 99/- Per Product And For Grocery The Price Will Vary On Quantity And Total Cart Value.

  • 6) Question: Where Do We Deliver? / What Are The Delivery Locations?

Ans: We Deliver In Whole India, But As Of Now, For Grocery Items, We Only Consider Mumbai As Deliverable Place.

  • 7) Question: Is There Any Return Policy For Gift Items?

Ans: No, There Is No Return Policy, For Gift Items.

  • 8) Question: Why We Don’t Provide Replacement For Gift Items?

Ans: We, Having A Very Low Margin On Product Cost, Offering A Tons Of Product To Choose As A Gift Item. We Always Try To Deliver The Right And High-Quality Product But In Case Any Defective Gift Product Has Delivered We Cannot Replace Those Gift Items, Because This Is A Part Of Our Promotion, We Do Not Charge For Gift Items.

  • 9) Question: Is There Any Warrenty/Gurantee For Gift Items?

Ans: No, There Is No Warranty/Guarantee For Gift Items, As There Is No Charge Allocated For Those.

The Abovementioned Terms And Conditions Are Only Applicable For Product Delivery, Return Services. For Full Terms And Conditions Of Our Site Please “Click Here”